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A Message from Our Chairman

In 1974, I began my career in the insurance industry as an agent. This was long before the Internet, personal computers, laptops, cell phones, and all the other modern technologies that have become integral parts of today’s business world. This was when an agent had to haul rate books to every appointment. You might remember those cumbersome 3-ring binders, too.

The first piece of technology I remember was a handheld device that allowed me to print a quote on a strip of thermal paper.

Technology has changed dramatically. Today, we can accomplish more work in a shorter period with an incredible degree of accuracy. The transfer of documents and data is no longer at the mercy of the postal system since information travels worldwide instantaneously.

As chairman of the National Association of Insurance Marketers, I have the good fortune to witness technology being used to benefit an entire industry and, as a result, provide a greater degree of service and a wider range of products. As an organization, we are continually impressed and inspired by the innovative ways our members provide peer to peer support, new marketing initiatives, and creative and effective ways to bring a broader range of insurance products to the masses. Every year, our membership grows, increasing our bargaining power to your benefit.

Throughout my career, I have discovered that when we work together, everybody benefits. This basic truth is the foundation upon which NAIM is built. We look forward to working with you as we continue to build on the competitive advantage provided by this ever-growing network.


Rick Stolz, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF

Chairman, National Association of Insurance Marketers

NAIM Membership Opens Doors

NAIM proves Insurance distributors can enjoy the power of network leveraging without compromising their freedom of independence. NAIM continues to experience steady growth, resulting in greater network leveraging that translates to tremendous competitive advantages for our members. This includes all of the benefits that come with increased negotiating power, shared throughout the insurance distribution chain.

Insurance carriers discover a valuable distribution channel through NAIM.  With over 100,000+ independent insurance agents, carriers respect the potential for increased market penetration. Insurance agencies benefit by gaining access to quality products and services that meet their client’s ever-growing needs. Conversely, they also benefit from unparalleled peer-to-peer support, as well as access to sales incentives generally reserved for larger distributors.

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Best Practices Equals Better Results

With a vibrant membership spanning coast-to-coast, NAIM fosters a solid network that focuses on best practices. Our members work with one another, sharing innovative and proven marketing techniques for specific products.  In essence, you have access to what could be described as a marketing research and development team that has an experiential knowledge from which you can benefit.

You also have a higher level of access to carriers that generally work with the larger distributors. Again, network leveraging works to your advantage, garnering you greater carrier input and support. You’ll find that many times product lines to which you were denied access due to exclusivity agreements are now available to you as a NAIM member.

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