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NAIM is proud to include Allstate Benefits Solutions among the featured carriers within our network.

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National General is now Allstate Benefits.
Allstate Benefits offers health coverage options available in every state and the District of Columbia, focusing on small and mid-sized businesses.

Allstate Benefits offers health-benefit options previously available only to large employers. They provide access to extra coverage for those in need of extra financial protection, helping them cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred from accidents, critical illnesses, and other unpredictable events. NAIM accesses their team of sales professionals and Account Managers, who are always available to answer questions and resolve issues.

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Self-Funded Program

This low-risk, self-insured health benefits solution delivers the advantages of self-funding without taking on additional risks. It’s a simplified way to lower costs while providing quality healthcare benefits to employees.

The Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Program offers attractive key advantages:

  • Predetermined Monthly Payment

The monthly payment is determined upfront and guaranteed not to increase for a full year, provided there are no changes to the group’s benefits or enrollment.

  • Stop-loss insurance

Should the group experience higher-than-anticipated claims, stop-loss insurance takes over to protect company finances, limiting the business’s financial exposure.

  • Plan Administration & Account Management

Paying claims, customer service, required reporting: it’s all taken care of by a third-party administrator so companies can focus on their businesses, not their insurance.

  • Quality Benefits

Employer-established benefit plans are minimum essential coverage and preventive services are paid at 100% when received from in-network providers (as recommended by the Affordable Care Act).

  • Claims Account

The claims account holds the funds necessary to pay employees’ claims and is protected from excessive claims by stop-loss insurance. When claims are less than anticipated, certain plan selections will either refund a portion of the balance of the claims account and the actual claims of the group or pay the amount in full (subject to any terminal liability coverage fee).

With a variety of deductible options, available prescription copay options, urgent-care and emergency-room copay options, and many other features, the National General Benefits Solutions Self-Funded Program allows companies to customize their plan to meet specific group needs.

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