Individual Disability Income Insurance

This insurance provides an income should a worker become unable to perform their job and earn an income due to a disability. There are many types of disability insurance; each with specific rules concerning what qualifies as a disability. The two basic types are:

  • Short-term Disability Insurance

Pays a worker a portion of their salary if they’re unable to work for a short period (typically 3-6 months).

  • Long-term Disability Insurance

Pays a worker a portion of their salary if they’re unable to work for longer periods (6+ months).

Both types have what is called an elimination period: a period that the individual must be disabled before benefits are paid. Costs of disability income insurance are based on the length of the elimination period, how long the insured will receive disability benefits, and the type of disability definition used in the particular policy. The two most often used are “own occupation”, where an individual cannot perform the occupation they had before their disability, and “any occupation”, where they can’t perform any job at all.

As a mutual organization, Assurity Life is owned by and accountable to the individuals they insure. By design, their customers come first. Committed to long-term stability rather than short-term gains, Assurity has remained stable and secure throughout its history. Their board of directors is elected by policyholders, ensuring a level of accountability that honors commitments, regardless of financial pressures.

Assurity Life Insurance

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